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Thumb Cellular

Originally built in SquareSpace, Thumb Cellular was finding it to be extremely labor-intensive to manage their website. Their prices, products, and special deals changed on a monthly basis. Each time, they needed to make each change in multiple places. They also had to find a way to make the vendor-supplied images of all different sizes work properly on a pre-built theme in which they didn’t really fit.

They hired us to make a newer, easier-to-manage site. And hey, while we’re in there, let’s make it look nice.

thumb cellular's website
two screenshots from Thumb Cellular's website - Products and Galaxy S10e

Sorting Products

We built the new website atop the WordPress content management system. Product information is entered in one place. Once entered, it displays not only on the product’s page, but also perhaps the home page, the Deals page, and the Product Comparison page. No more duplicating effort.

The Products page features a dynamic filtering sidebar that allows users to find the right product by sorting by brand, device type, or price. And if a user wants to directly compare two products, they can use the custom-built product comparison tool to see how they stack up.

screenshot from Thumb Cellular's website - Product Comparison

Easy to Manage

While the products were the most complex challenge, the site also needed to provide other information. It’s easy to edit and add information about Thumb Cellular’s salespeople and account managers, store locations (complete with Google Maps directions and an embedded map), and data plans.

Accordion menus allow information to be condensed on text-heavy pages. We even implemented a live chat platform to allow users to chat directly to a Thumb Cellular representative without leaving the website.

screenshots from Thumb Cellular's website - tablet-sized

It’s one thing to make a website that looks nice. It’s an even bigger task to build an attractive site that tackles a client’s challenges head-on.

Thumb Cellular receives a lot of promotional product photos, sales copy, and graphics from vendors. That content rarely matches, but we found ways to work around that challenge. For example, we kept distance between the home page’s “hot products” to avoid drawing unfair conclusions about product size due to different image dimensions.

The slider on the home page features graphics produced by vendors such as Apple and Samsung that cannot be edited. The slider is flexible to allow promotional graphics of various sizes. A guide to the left of the images avoids the most common problems with sliders—inability to navigate multiple slides when they aren’t visible and lack of user control over movement. Unlike most sliders, this one is actually easy to scan to find useful info.

And as with all sites we build, responsive design, an easy-to-use content management system, and automatic image optimization ensure that the site is fast, easy to manage, and will remain useful for a very long time.