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For the second year of downtown Midland’s craft beer festival, we needed to generate excitement about our smaller, local vendors while differentiating the event from the region’s other craft beer events.

The result? A series of videos that highlight local craftsmanship and the human stories behind Tapped’s Michigan-based vendors.

The Videos

It’s not just beer. Tapped celebrates craftsmanship in all its forms, including hard ciders and an outdoor street festival full of artists and food vendors. The videos reflected this diversity.

Authenticity was key. We didn’t direct scenes or write any scripts; instead, we captured people doing their actual jobs and let them speak from the heart.

Capturing Craftsmanship

It’s called “flow” – when you’re immersed in your work, the world slows down and you develop a single-minded focus on the task. To convey that feeling, we interspersed tight angles and slow motion footage throughout the videos.

Sound Design

A bottle pops open. Birds chirp in a quiet orchard. Sparks shoot from a metal grinder. The sounds of craftsmanship punctuate the videos.

Most of the audio was captured in the field. Due to some raging metal music in the background, we recreated the sounds of Tri-City Brewing in our office with things like uncooked rice, pretzels, and empty beer bottles.

A quiet orchard at dawn

Capping a fresh bottle of cider

Welding a metal sculpture

Pouring a glass of beer

The Results

Tapped’s inaugural sellout was a tough act to follow. Thanks in part to our social media campaign centered around these videos, attendance was even higher in year 2.

It’s a common complaint that you have spend money to get traction on Facebook nowadays. This campaign proved that good content still trumps big budgets. The videos earned more than 15,000 organic views, more than 90% of which were from within our target audience of adults in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The video campaign earned Best of Show at the 2017 Great Lakes Bay ADDY Awards.