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SwiftWall takes a modular approach to temporary barriers. Pieces come pre-cut to their perfect length and can be fashioned into any number of structures suitable for construction, healthcare, retail, and even residential spaces. To put their best foot forward and show their prospective clients the versatility of their project, we were commissioned to create a product catalog and installation guide, and, in the process, helped SwiftWall to solidify their own visual identity.


Prior to starting the design process, we executed large-scale and close-up product photography of SwiftWall’s products. Lighting was a crucial factor in getting an even sheen across the white surfaces of the walls and structures, while enough shadow had to be left to give the objects depth and dimension.

Product Catalog

The density of the information entailed on each page of the catalog demanded a layout that was as modular in function as the products themselves. With the possibility of products being added, removed, or adjusted, the layout needed to accommodate this volume of information without breaking as changes would be made in the future.

Installation Guide

The installation guide needed to break down the steps in building a SwiftWall barrier with specificity that contractors would appreciate, but not be inaccessible to inexperienced users. Product photography and on-site photos were taken with this step-by-step process in mind. Each critical step needed to be clearly and accurately portrayed.

Brand Buildout

The use of SwiftWall’s brand colors, employment of negative space, and the geometric patterns we developed were further employed on subsequent SwiftWall materials, as we helped them to develop new business cards, flyers, and other promotional items.