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Midland Center for the Arts

The Midland Center for the Arts kicks off each new season with a special event in which the upcoming year’s biggest attractions are unveiled.

They asked for help producing an exciting video that could start the event on the right foot by highlighting the incredible range of activities that happen at the Center.

See You at the Center

We structured the video to match the feeling of attending a show at the Center for the Arts.

It opens with quiet preparation. Sound technicians turn on their gear, actors apply make-up, and musicians tune their instruments.

As the crowd enters, anticipation builds. The lights in the theater turn dark. In the brief silence, the crowd waits with bated breath.

The show begins. It’s a wondrous sensory overload of science, art, and music. The pace accelerates until reaching a manic crescendo. Just as the video achieves its feverish peak, it comes crashing down to the sound of applause.

animatronic dinosaur
lego sculpture

The sheer variety of exhibits, performances, and classes at the Center for the Arts presented a challenge. It would be impossible to film it all, especially within the tight deadline the project posed.

Luckily, we’ve worked with the Center for years and have amassed a library of relevant footage. Mixed with footage provided by the Center (and a handful of shots we captured specifically for this video), we were able to convey their overwhelming breadth of offerings.

western musicians playing and singing in the dark
young actress getting into costume