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Independent Bank

Depositing a check through Independent Bank’s mobile app is so easy, it’s like magic. You simply take a picture of the check and, POOF, it’s deposited directly into your account.

Tasked with explaining mobile deposit to the bank’s customers, we created a video that blends custom illustration with delightful animation to bring a touch of whimsy to the normally buttoned-up banking industry.

progression of the bunny from sketch to full digital illustration

Unraveling the Secrets

The team at Independent Bank helped us understand their customers’ most common questions about mobile deposit:

  • Is it easy to do?
  • How convenient is it, really?
  • Is it safe?

And nobody goes on Facebook to watch or share a banking video that extols the benefits of mobile check deposit. We needed to quickly convey the core message – ease of use, convenience, safety – while being amusing enough to stand out against the massive spigot of available social media content.

Watch Closely

Despite taking place in a magical fantasy world, the animation is inspired by real life.

For example, the bunny’s gait was derived from research on the bio-mechanics of rabbits. And passersby may have been confused by our animator wiggling his fingers for minutes at a time to imitate gloves, but that attention to detail makes a huge difference in the video’s quality.

magic accessories