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Cream & Sugar

For us, the only thing that might be more fun than ice cream itself is working on a brand for ice cream. More specifically, a brand for a premium ice cream parlor established as a joint venture by Michigan Sugar and the Mid-Michigan Dairy Co-op.


Cream & Sugar had to walk a lot of fine lines: it had to be upscale and premium, yet fun and approachable. It had to have broad appeal while referencing its local ingredients and local roots. It had to break free of the Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic that is the hallmark of so many small town ice cream parlors.

For the logo itself, Cream & Sugar needed a distinctive mark it could own outright. To this end, we fashioned a CS monogram into the shape of a hand-dipped ice cream cone. The mark is bracketed by the logotype, set in a typeface called Quicksand.


The brand’s primary colors are black and white, flanked by an extensive palette of vibrant pastels. This would allow Cream & Sugar to exude that premium feel without losing out on the fun of an establishment that serves ice cream sandwiches or frozen treats specifically made for dogs.


From the uniforms and aprons, to ephemera like napkins and disposable bowls, to the large mural at the back of the parlor or the design of the menu boards, we had a hand in developing just about every facet of the brand identity as it made its way into the real world.