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Cream & Sugar

Cream & Sugar was imagined as a partnership between Michigan Sugar Company, the Michigan Milk Producers Association, and Shaheen Development. They’d use high-quality, Michigan-made ingredients to produce gourmet ice cream at a waterfront location in Bay City, Michigan.

Our goal in branding Cream & Sugar was to portray them as a premium shop that makes hand-dipped ice cream with high-quality, local ingredients.

cream & sugar outdoor sign

Crafting the Logo

The new logo features both the C and S from the company’s name. Comprised of simple shapes, it works well in one color against either black or white backgrounds.

While words like “quality” and “gourmet” need to be the emphasis, we couldn’t forget that this is still a fun-loving ice cream company. The logotype employs Quicksand, a light-hearted sans-serif that balances the logo’s seriousness.

A more complex “badge” version of the logo was also created for use on t-shirts, aprons, and other special items.

C&S Badge

Other Brand Elements

To bring emphasis to the ice cream itself, we juxtaposed black and white against vibrant icons that represent every flavor of ice cream they serve at Cream & Sugar. These complementary brand elements can be found on their website, on their digital menu board, and throughout their other brand materials.

A usage guide lays out how to use these logos, fonts, colors, and icons together to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

Bringing the Brand to Life

A brand guide is great, but it means nothing without effective implementation. You’ve got to use it.

Cream & Sugar needed a lot of materials designed before they could hit their ambitious launch date in the summer of 2019.

For example, their digital menu board features the custom flavor icons as well as custom illustrations created for special products like bubble waffle cones and “pup cups” for canine companions.

cream sugar menu

We also designed a wall mural to add a splash of excitement to the store’s interior.

mural inside cram & sugar

Cream & Sugar’s website, which we built, employs the same colors and fonts as their other brand elements. It features large, close-up photos of their ice cream to highlight the product’s quality.

cream and sugar website home page

Cups, cone wrappers, aprons, even napkins—everything needed to be on brand for the shop’s launch.

cup of ice cream
cream & sugar aprons
customers inside cream & sugar