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CMU College Of Medicine

As global pandemic brought many challenges to healthcare systems across the country, recruiting the doctors of tomorrow was something that couldn’t be overlooked for Central Michigan University’s College of Medicine. With in-person interviews and annual dinners indefinitely on hold, CMED needed a way to communicate its unique program offerings to prospective residents. In 34 days, we were able to produce a high-level brand video and nine unique program videos to showcase the college.


When researching programs, we heard that prospective residents are interested in learning about a program’s Program Director and the experiences of current residents. To accomplish this, we conducted twenty-two interviews across three days to capture content for each of the videos we were tasked with completing. Several b-roll sessions were also executed to show the learning environments and healthcare systems that are vital to each of the programs.


Once production wrapped up, we were left with less than 30 days to complete all of the post-production requirements for ten videos including editing, color correction, custom graphics, and more.

Final Products

In the end, we delivered a brand video and nine program videos in time for our client’s major recruiting period. Despite working under one of the shortest timelines we’ve ever had, we relied on careful planning, expertise, and a lot of late hours to get all ten videos finished on time. And not to toot our own horn, but we think they look pretty damn good.