Brand Identity

A great logo tells a story in the simplest possible way. It’s distinctive and immediately recognizable. Versatility is important, too. The logo may be embroidered in a single color or displayed on a vibrant, high-res monitor; either way, it needs to look good.

But we don’t stop after designing a logo. A full brand guide lays out colors, fonts, graphics, language, and usage guidelines. Done properly, the brand identity will bleed out of the logo and into the website, business cards, PowerPoint presentations, and everything else the company touches.

Our Work

ActionGlow logo over green skate park

We developed a brand identity to accompany the action sports brand's new product.

player wearing a Zuti facemask

Zuti Facemasks needed a new brand identity worthy of their innovative and visually striking products.

bubble waffle cone

We were tasked with introducing Bay City's new gourmet ice cream shop.

clarinetist in midland's city forest

The symphony's brand identity was re-imagined to reach a new generation.