Northwood University

With their in-house videographer unavailable, Northwood University (in Midland, Michigan) suddenly found themselves in need of a video team that could capture the weekend’s graduation ceremony.

Time was in short supply. They hired us less than a week before the event, and the final video needed to be released shortly thereafter while graduation was still fresh in everyone’s mind. Luckily, we were up for a challenge.


On a balmy Saturday morning, we showed up with a team of 3 videographers ready to capture the day’s festivities.

The pace was hectic. We had about 45 minutes to capture as many run-and-gun interviews as possible in the staging area, then we bounced around the ceremony to capture it from a multitude of angles. After all, we only had one chance to capture the event, and there’s no telling when a great moment might happen.

After filming was completed, we returned to the office with more than 300 gigabytes of raw footage.

Mission Accomplished

It wasn’t easy. But after a handful of long nights spent in the editing room, the final video was delivered just five days after the graduation ceremony.

Northwood published the video on their social media channels. It earned more than 5,400 organic views on Facebook alone, which puts it in the top 5% of all videos they’ve shared on the site.