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Saginaw Spirit

For the third straight year, Saginaw’s OHL team hired us to design their pocket schedules. The tiny, folded print pieces include everything a fan would need to know to buy tickets for the upcoming year.

The Challenge

How do you fit a 7-month calendar, 20+ special promotions, 19 teams, ticket prices, and a full stadium seating chart into a single print piece? It needs to be legible, intuitive, match the team’s branding, and feature a handful of corporate sponsors. And, of course, it needs to fit neatly inside a wallet.

The pocket schedule was the ultimate layout challenge. We were up to the task.

Crossing the Red Line

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, the Spirit wanted to break with tradition and print the pocket schedules on a red background. Red is a bold, striking color, but it also introduced some challenges.

To reduce eye strain and improve legibility, we used hockey-related textures over the red background. Subtle shadows were dropped below headlines and a heavy, easy-to-read typeface was selected.


-series of posters

-photography provided by the team

-consistent with the pocket schedule’s visual approach

Hat Trick

For the third straight time, the pocket schedule’s design nailed our target – a mix of striking design and intuitive function that matches the Spirit’s well-known branding.