Form & Void

We like beer at Aberro Creative. It’s why we host a monthly Beer Swap at the MidMichigan Innovation Center and helped found Midland’s first craft beer festival. Visit our office at 4:00 on a Friday and odds are you’ll find us sipping a brew while finishing up the week’s work.

So while looking for a way to thank the clients, vendors, and other people who’ve helped us grow our agency, it clicked. Maybe we should give away some craft beer.

But true to our style, we weren’t going to just buy a 6-pack and drop it off. We were going to do this right.

Brewing the Beer

We woke up way too early to travel to Saugatuck Brewing Company. There we were guided through the brewing process by Dexter, our beer sherpa.

Consistent with our black-and-white visual identity, one beer would be a viscous, black porter and the other would be a light Belgian witbier with citrus notes. Under Dexter’s watchful eye, we mashed grain, boiled wort, and pitched yeast.

A couple weeks after brewing, we returned to bottle the newly-fermented ale. One by one the 20-ounce bombers were filled and boxed. Once all 140+ bottles were ready, they were driven back home to Midland.

The Bottle

As much as we enjoyed the brewing process, we’re not a beer company. We’re designers. The beer’s packaging had to reflect our commitment to custom creative work.

Each hand-drawn label reflects its beer’s name. Void features intricate line work with its name visible through the negative space. Form is the opposite; its label is mostly empty except for the title.

Before the labels were applied, the bottles were painted and dipped in hot wax. Once complete, we paired them with branded tasting glasses, a small card, and a bottle opener.  Everything was delivered inside a pine box bearing a wood-burned Aberro Creative logo.

The wood, wax, paint, glass, metal, and paper create a uniquely tactile experience. And we hope the 22-ounce bottles and small tasting glasses will encourage drinkers to share with their friends.

It Could've Been Easier

The bottles didn’t have to be painted. We didn’t need authentic pine boxes or wax-dipped caps. Hell, we didn’t even have to brew the beer ourselves.

But shortcuts aren’t our style. We hope you enjoy drinking this beer half as much as we enjoyed making it.